Monday, 15 April 2013

At last – Spring is springing!

Greylag goose family in evening sunshine at Oare Marshes
This year has seen a truly miserable run of weather since the New Year. Cold, miserable, grey and far too much late snow. I've just got back from a week in Wales with the family, which turned out to be pretty much a photographic bust: still icy cold with howling gales when we got there, which turned into rain and low cloud. Never mind, a relaxing time with a nice log fire anyhow.
Greylag flying in front of the hide at Oare
Coming back to the South-East of England, though, has been a revelation. Yesterday hit nearly 20°C with gorgeous light towards the end of the day. I could not resist taking the opportunity to get out with the camera, so late afternoon I headed off to Oare Marshes with the hope of seeing some interesting birdlife in the reserve there.
A Sunday evening swim for the family
 There was plenty to see, but one thing that really cheered me up was the sight of a family of greylag geese, with the newborn goslings like bundles of fluff. Mum and dad kept a watchful eye on them as they pecked at the grass, and went for a gentle swim. Even though the RSPB describe greylags as "uninspiring", the sight of new life in warm evening sunshine was truly uplifting.

New life: balls of fluff with parent (an almighty crop from the original image)