Thursday, 14 November 2013

Back to (and from) New York

Dusk over the East River
A year ago, I went to New York just in time for hurricane Sandy. I blogged about that at the time. I went back at the beginning of October this year and, fortunately, there was no repeat visit from a hurricane. You would never know that Manhattan itself had been subject to Sandy -- it was indistinguishable from its usual self. It's taken me a long time to get round to writing a blog entry about this visit, but here are a few pictures anyhow.

I always make a point of going over to Roosevelt  Island in the East River to look back at Manhattan; this time I went at dusk to catch the lights of the city growing stronger against the darkening sky (opening picture). 

I also took the opportunity to go and see a couple of different views of Manhattan. The Sunday I was there, I went for my first walk on the Highline. I was amazed at the number of people there - but it is a great park, elevated above the West side, and I can’t wait to go back.

(Left) The Highline at 20th St seen from 10th Ave: it is an old elevated railway now turned into a walkway and edged with plants (Right) Sunday morning saunterers on the Highline

Looking down from the Highline

Later that day, I took the Path train to Newport Centre in New Jersey, where I thought there should be a good view back from the river front walkway across the Hudson to Manhattan itself.

Lower Manhattan disappearing into mist and low cloud
The same view on a clear night: the Freedom Tower rises over the Hudson
That afternoon there was low fog and drizzle, so the view was less than spectacular. But a few evenings later I went back after dark and got some pictures of lower Manhattan and Mid-town. What a view! Newport Center seems to be heavily residential -- it is a very tempting kind of place to live given the fantastic view across the water and the easy transit back to Manhattan.

Mid-town from Newport Center
Locals out for an evening stroll: how about that for a backdrop to an evening walk!
During my stay in NYC, I was lucky enough to stay in the apartment belongs to my friend and collaborator there. It's on the 31st floor of a new block with a view straight downtown from 91st Street, so you can watch the light coming up as dawn breaks. The light hits the tops of the tallest buildings first, and then makes its way down and across, so that the lower buildings around 90th become lit and the trees in the streets seem to glow. It's a cityscape that changes constantly with the light -- and, for my taste, one of the greatest sights on earth.
Manhattan Dawn from 91st St.