Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Streets of London

The three of us managed to grab an afternoon in London on Friday and, with lots going on, there were plenty of photo opportunities. As well as some camera work there was the obligatory pub lunch and an hour in the National Portrait Gallery - the BP Portrait Award 2011 is a stunning collection. What struck us all was how photography has influenced modern portraiture.

Anyway, back to the photography! I was particularly taken with the skateboard park just downstream from The Eye. There was very little light under the concrete roof of the park so I needed to wind up the ISO to achieve an effective shutter speed. At a focal length of 70mm I set the aperture to f/5 and pre-focused on the back edge of the 'wedge'. Setting the ISO to 8,000 I took a couple of test shots which showed that some +ve exposure compensation was required. I settled on +2/3ev and could achieve a shutter speed of 1/400th, which I hoped would be sufficient to freeze the action. All I needed now was a a willing boarder.

My patience was rewarded I got a number of shots, with this one being my favourite.
As with all my posts, click the image to view at 1024px wide

'The onlooker'
I managed to freeze the action and capture the onlooker in a good position in the frame. I punched up the contrast and left the noise (digital grain) in place to add to the grungy feel (OK, so I did 'wiggy' the beer can a couple of metres to the right to form a triangle with the two boarders).

I could not resist a recession shot of one of bike stations. [One was missing so I suspect that Boris was in town].

People shots

Britain is known for its diverse society and this makes for great street photography.

I liked the juxtaposition between the pair of couples
Drinking white wine is sure to ruin your lippy
New boots and panties
At a Neal's Yard bistro - cheque please!
A pair of holiday makers pose by one of the beach huts on the south bank
The market trader
Vincent, playing his steel drum over the Thames. Unlike many buskers, he was really enjoying himself!
Admiring their recent purchases
A soprano singing busker. Unlike Vincent, she appeared a bit up tight.
The painted street entertainers were out in force.
Pattern pictures

I love the shapes, patterns and design of modern London.

Street lamp
Steel and glass
Classic London
That Cathedral via that bridge

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  1. Martin - these are great. Love the strong colours you've used in some of them. The Slam City mural I'd never thought of interpreting like that - but it works really well.