Saturday, 10 August 2013

Phil's ARPS

It was just over a month ago that I took a few days off to go west and attend the Royal Photographic Society assessment day  at their headquarters in Bath. I arrived the day before to hand in my panel of fifteen prints,  spending the rest of the afternoon in the beautiful city taking the odd photograph. That evening I stayed with Martin's friends Peter and Sue, who provided a wonderful meal and good conversation.

Next day I set off for the assessment which began at 10.30 am. Each panel is presented with a statement of intent,  a short explanation of the photographer's objectives when putting the panel together. In my panel I relate to the influence of Victorian postcards being anonymous, grainy and faded with sometimes mysterious subjects, at the same time demonstrating a personal vision and style.

After two hours seeing about fifteen panels, of which only six or seven passed, it was my turn. You watch as your images are placed on the display stand. The panel of five judges then get up and make a close inspection and discuss among themselves the merits or otherwise of each image. The chairman then selects two of the judges to pass comments on  the images. I was relieved when both made complementary remarks; one or two other judges added their comments. Then they are asked to vote, holding small cards up so only the chairman can see. If it fails he will not announce the name, but with a pass he then asks if you are present, and then congratulates you.

Happily I was successful  and  was later told it was a unanimous decision. A few days later I received my certificate to confirm I am now an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society.



  1. Many congratulations, again, Phil. Very well deserved! Anthony.

  2. 'Cream always rises to the top'