Saturday, 7 September 2013

That end of summer feeling

Gwendolen (2013)
So - why am I posting a picture of the back of someone's head?

I happened to be sitting down yesterday evening with a book of pictures by Saul Leiter. (He is one of my big influences.) It has been a while since I looked through this book, and I came again across his picture of 'Joanna' (1947). My daughter (who blogs under the name Gwendolen) happened to have her hair put up behind her head in a way that was reminiscent of Joanna when I saw the picture.

So this morning, I couldn't resist. My daughter kindly posed for me outside for all of 30 seconds while I took four frames. Nikon D700 with 50mm f/1.4G lens, wide open at base ISO (200). Monochrome conversion in Silver Efex Pro 2, with just a little extra contrast in the hair by selective application of a curve.

Gwendolen has just started her A level course, and has moved to different school from the one where she did her GCSEs. An early start last Thursday to take her and a friend to their new school. The car was dripping with dew, and the air had a definitely autumnal feel. The summer flowers are now mostly over, and after a wonderfully warm July and August the evenings are now much cooler.

This rose in our garden caught my eye the other day - a quick picture before it too sheds its petals. 

Rose with insect

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