Thursday, 31 March 2011

You pay your money and take your choice

What is art?

When visiting St Ives there are a number of choices on the art front. There are countless shops trying to seduce you with a myriad of paintings, sculptures and artefacts but, when it comes to galleries, the choice is far simpler. Does one turn right for the Tate or left for the Hepworth Museum & Garden?

Barbara Hepworth Museum & Garden

If you turn left you know what you are going to get. An insight into Barbara Hepworth the person and a wonderful arrangement of her finest work, both inside and outside in the adjoining garden. Sculptures work in three dimensions and so no photography can convey the subtlety of form and texture of her creations, but I've included a few close-ups nonetheless.

A selection of tools in her workshop
Tate St Ives

A right turn means taking a gamble, particularly if one is not into contemporary art and, furthermore, it very much depends on who the main exhibitor is at the time. When we were there last week it was Simon Starling [Turner Prize winner 2005]. Whilst the majority of his work did go over my head (yes, I know, the reason that I did not like it it was that I didn't understand it...) I was more perplexed by the sheer amount of space in the gallery that was given over to his work. Still, I didn't have 'art rage' like Phil - I'll leave him to explain.

I guess the learning point is to check it out on the internet before you go! Anyway, we did have a nice lunch and Anthony took some shots from the cafe to do some HDR work with.

The architecture of the building was arguably as inspiring as the art inside . . .

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