Sunday, 3 April 2011

People of Cornwall

A change is as good as a rest

As a wildlife photographer I'm like a fish out of water when it comes to taking photographs of people in the street. This is partly because I feel that I'm invading their space and also that I may be stealing a little bit of their soul. Anyway, I managed a few shots in Padstow and St Ives.

With it feeling like the first weekend of spring there was an air of relaxation everywhere; people just going about their daily business or simply chilling out.

Lazy days and Sundays

When it comes to relaxaion nobody was doing it better than this lady in Padstow.

One shop in Fore Street, St Ives had a mirror outside. Philip was trying to get a shot of someone in the reflection. I don't know how he got on but this is my attempt. Nice idea Phil, I should follow you around more often [steal with pride, that's what I say].

You've been framed!

As usual, the Sloop Inn was doing a roaring trade.
Beside the slipway in front of the Sloop Inn the local lobster pot maker was hard at work. He appeared to be having great fun as he effortlessly weaved away. Luckily for me he did look up for a couple of seconds, allowing me this grab shot.

Work should be fun . . .

Back to Padstow now and a shot of a barmaid from the Shipwrights, no doubt enjoying a well-earned break in the spring sunshine.

On the water's edge

The slipway in Padstow harbour is a popular place for families to get away from the hubbub on the quay above and eat their lunch.

 Looking the part

Towards the end of the afternoon we needed to make our way back to the ferry bound for our base in Rock. On the way we stopped for an ice cream at a parlour on the quayside and I did pluck up the courage to ask the manageress if I could take her portrait. Not everyone is as relaxed in front of the camera  - thank you!

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