Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Lapwing chicks at Elmley marshes

Last weekend I took a leisurely drive along the long track at Elmley RSPB reserve. I was lucky enough to see some little fluffy balls on two dark legs scuttling around.

Lapwing chicks

Lapwing Parents

Yellow wagtail

A stickleback at dinner (not where he eats, but where he is eaten...)

Grey Heron


Cock pheasant

These pictures are all of "the usuals" - and the light was not very distinguished - but nonetheless enjoyable to watch and to make pictures. Most frustrating moment - a hare close to the track, lying still in the field in a perfect position to photograph; the second I started to lower the window to poke a lens out, it got up leisurely, stretched and strolled off into some deep grass never to be seen again. Similarly, the Egret didn't play ball - as soon as the car approached it was off.

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