Sunday, 1 May 2011

Trying something different

I visited King's Wood, Challock on Saturday with fellow members of Ashford Photographic Society to photograph the bluebells. It was pretty windy so getting close up shots was somewhat difficult so I decided to see the wind as an opportunity rather than a threat.

I wanted to get an image where the solid objects in the photograph were stationary and capture the movement of the bluebells as a mist of blue. It worked to a degree but a longer exposure was necessary! A stronger ND filter or smaller aperture would have given me the scope to expose for the 10-20 seconds that was probably necessary.

Canon 1D Mk IV; EF 16-35L lens at 28mm; 3-stop ND filter; 3.2 seconds at f/16; ISO 50; mirror lock-up; 2-second shutter delay; +1 EV
A different spot and different lens and aperture. f/2.8 with 100mm macro lens, focusing in the mid-foreground

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