Monday, 1 October 2012

100 not out

The past

Purely by chance I noticed that yesterday's post by Anthony was the 100th since the Wonky Horizons group was formed in March last year.

Looking back at some of those earlier articles was a timely reminder of how far we have come, not just photographically but in the strong camaraderie that has developed between the three of us. And whilst we each have our own styles we are not too proud to ask for and listen to advice or opinion from one another as we strive for photographic excellence. For me, this was most evident in the encouragement and support I received from Anthony and Philip in putting my LRPS panel together.

The present

Next Monday sees a first for us as we give a talk at Folkestone Camera Club - meeting up tomorrow evening to put the 'finishing touches' to our presentation.

The future

So, here's hoping for more of the same and another 100 blog posts.

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