Thursday, 11 October 2012

New discoveries at Tenterden Folk Festival

Now in its 20th year, Tenterden Folk Festival was the destination for me and Philip last weekend. We both really enjoy live music and were particularly impressed by three performers: Green Diesel, CoCo & the Butterfields and Luke Jackson.

Green Diesel

One of the groups performing was Green Diesel, whom Philip had seen recently and came highly recommended. I arrived a bit late and missed their set at The Woolpack, where I caught up with Philip as they completed their encore. I had to wait for a few hours to hear them play in the marquee but it was certainly worth the wait.

Dancing to Green Diesel at The Woolpack - Photo by Philip
Although my DSLR has video capability I hardly use it but I could not resist on this occasion as a blog post about music, without music, would be a rather hollow piece.

Here's the band playing a Swedish instrumental.


CoCo and the Butterfields

I did not take any video footage of the band, which was a shame as they have a very original sound, blending folk with hip-hop in some of their songs. This might sound an odd combination but it certainly worked for me.

Panel of CoCo and the Butterfields - Picture by Martin

If you get the chance to see this band I would take it. They are playing the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury on May 5th 2013 -  see you there!

Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson on stage - Picture by Martin

Imagine the scene: CoCo and the Butterfields have just wowed the audience and you, a 19-year old solo singer-songwriter, have to take to the stage. As he adjusted his guitar and approached the microphone one could sense that he was completely in his element. And when Luke started to play one was left in no doubt that here was a precocious talent with a very big future ahead of him. I look forward to seeing him perform again soon.

Here is Luke playing 'We are not all the same'.

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