Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Still on the phone

Elephantopus (or Octaphant?) London, October 2013
I blogged a couple of years ago about people on the street and on the phone. That has become a bit of a recurring theme for me, and most times I go out, camera in hand, I can't help looking for people on the phone. Actually, it is now almost impossible to get a street photo without a phone in it. Pictures below are from various excursions around the UK (mostly London) and New York.

London, October 2013
At the barber's, London, October 2013

Having a manicure, New York, October 2013
Selfies on the Tram, New York, October 2013 (sorry about the rubbish quality - it was pretty much dark)

From the Highline, New York, October 2013

New York, October 2013
And finally - one that really needs colour.
I didn't found the NHS just so people could go around with matching iPhone cases and umbrellas! Cardiff, Sept 2013
I've put an ongoing set of these on Flickr:

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