Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The coffee habit

Coffee and the machine that made it. (Nikon D300, 60mm micro Nikkor)
Before going out to commit photography on the streets, it helps to have a nice cup of coffee. If I'm in a cafe that does a particularly good one, I've got into a daft habit of taking a picture of it as the first [coffee and photo] of the day. All of a sudden I've realised I have a bit of a collection of cups of coffee.

I didn't think anyone else would do this - but apparently they do. Astoundingly, a simple search for "cup of coffee" on Flickr brings up over 84,000 hits. As they say on the interwebs "You are not alone".

So, I thought I'd post a couple of my own favourites. The one at the start of this post represents my favourite cup of the stuff from 2011, made for me by Falstaff with his shiny new ubermachine. Truly a joy.

Here's a couple of more historical ones.

Lanciano, Italy, 2006. (Nikon D70, 17-70mm zoom)
London, 2007. Cafe Vergnano, Charing Cross Road.  (Leica M7, Summicron 35mm f2, Tri-X).
 Unfortunately, you can see I enjoyed this last one so much that I never photographed it before it had gone.

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