Monday, 2 January 2012

Anthony's 2011 favourites

Some pictures I like, and have enjoyed making, in 2011

Following on from Phil's post, I thought I'd put up some pictures that I like and that I've enjoyed making this year. It will be a bit redundant in the sense that a number of these appear elsewhere in this blog, but it is nice to bring some things together. I'll try and group the pictures under a couple of general headings - people and planes - that cover some long term interests, as well some some experimenting and practice I've enjoyed.

- Street shooting in London, both with Phil and Martin, and with Falstaff. One of my very long term interests, that no doubt I'll carry on with in 2012.

Covent Garden, July 2011.
Oxford St, October 2011
Oxford St, October 2011
Skater boy. Southbank, London. August 2011.
- I had more fun this year photographing aircraft then ever before, largely because this was the first year I got to go photoflying. Agh! I've found the most expensive hobby I could possibly have, short of owning a Spitfire of my own. It was such an amazing experience that I have to do it again, however hard the bank account protests. Since I've blogged about that fairly extensively, just one from that here, plus a couple of other events that I've enjoyed a lot. I've put together some more of my favourite aviation pictures from 2011 in a gallery over on Pbase.

Departing Danes. Jan 2011.
Smoke and Burners. FIAT, Fairford, July 2011.
Flying with Scat VII
- One of the great pleasures of photography for me is the endless possibilities to try out new things. I've already blogged about focus stacking, working on off-camera flash, and long lens bird photography. I won't fill up any more space here with them, as I don't think any of them rate as my very favourite shots of the year. But whatever, I'll be taking every opportunity I get over the coming year to challenge myself by trying new stuff.

I've done one more shoot this year, on the 30th Dec in London with Falstaff and the Leica Luggers (how about that for the name of a band :-) ?). Since that was on film, I've no idea how the pictures will come out till they're developed, so I reserve the right to add to this retrospectively!

Happy New Year for 2012.


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